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Lizette blinked. Lulled by the light tropical breeze, as soothing as velvet against her skin, the sight of a man emerging from the blue green water of Florida Bay caught her completely off guard. She blinked again. The apparition remained. Sporting a swim mask, breathing tube, fins, and not much else, the stranger climbed nonchalantly up onto the limestone pier only a few feet in front of her. She stared open-mouthed, dazzled by the sunlight reflecting off of the water droplets clinging to his handsome physique. Seemingly unfazed by her presence, he gave her a jaunty salute and a cheeky grin before marching boldly across the fifty-foot wide breakwater that paralleled the water’s edge. His swim fins thwacked loudly on its surface, marking his progress. A moment later, she heard the light splashing sound of a body entering the water and he was gone, leaving the scene before her changed in a subtle yet undefinable way.

Lizette leaned back in her lounge chair and grinned. Her vacation couldn’t be off to a better start. Warm and bright, full of water and light, and now, a little bit of intrigue, the Florida Keys entranced her. To Lizette, the unexpected visitor just proved that the Keys were dramatically different from Chicago. A little relaxed and a little reckless at the same time, they reminded her of her own personality. 

Chapter 1