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The Highlands                 A Postcard to Deception
Book Club Questions 

1. If you were Aylee, would you have answered the postcard?

2. Can you identify with how Aylee feels about her life?

3. How would you have reacted if you, like Iain and Aylee, faced major life changing events beyond your control that caused you to lose everything?

4. How do you react when faced with the need to change? Describe an instance where you have actually changed.

5. Do you take people at face value like Iain did?

6. Does Iain make a believable hero?

7. Does Aylee make a believable heroine?

8. Were you able to understand why the characters reacted the way that they did to their predicaments? Would you have done the same?

9. Would you like to meet any of the characters? Which ones?

10. How do you react to new technology?

11. Has a dog touched your life? How? Is Joy a believable heroine?

12. Can people really start over and reinvent themselves?