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Book Club Questions - The Fishing Bridge
1.What would you do if you met a stranger on a train?

2.What would you do if you experienced a series of odd, seemingly unrelated events?

3.What would you do if you were being followed in Denver?

4.Which scientist did you suspect?  Why?

5.If you were Trudy, would you have helped Laszlo?

6.Does Charles make a believable hero?

7.Does Trudy make a believable heroine?

8.Was Bandit a help or a hindrance to Charles?

9.Should Charles have trusted Bandit’s opinion of people?

10.Is Bandit’s role significant? Do animals provide support for people when they face challenges in life?  Have you ever had an experience that supports this?

11.Were you able to understand why the characters reacted the way that they did to their predicaments? Would you have done the same?

12.Would you like to meet any of the characters?   Which ones?

13.What do you know or remember about the Cold War?

14.What do you know or remember about the arms race?

15.Did the narrative in the book bring up information about the past that was new to you? What?